Dental Bridges

If there is a gap between two of your teeth, due to missing teeth, our dentist can close or bridge the gap with dental bridges. If left untreated, with time, the nearby teeth move or shift into space. This leads to “bad bite” and, in some cases, gum disease. Bridges are used to fill the gaps in your smile.

Dental bridges are fixed on your gums by the dentist but cannot be removed like dentures when cleaning. The teeth on either side of the gap or missing tooth are used as anchors, and they are called abutments. The dentist reduces the size of the abutments and, then covers them with a conventional crown, including a false tooth in between to fill the gap. This false or replacement tooth is also known as a pontic. The crowns are bonded to your natural teeth to cap the abutments.

The replacement tooth can be made of different materials, such as gold, alloy, porcelain or porcelain and metal combined material. Similarly, the bridge is made up of these same materials that match your natural teeth. Bridges can last for a lifetime if taken care of properly. Once you get the treatment, avoid chewing hard food or ice so that the newly placed bridges don’t fall out. Bridges allow you to smile confidently, chew and speak well and prevent shifting of teeth.

Restore your smile and maintain the shape of your face today! Call or email us to discuss the right replacement option for you.

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