Tooth Desensitization

Sensitive teeth are painful and irritating. Luckily, our tooth desensitization treatment will provide relief from the pain and discomfort. Our teeth consist of four layers, the outside layer (enamel), dentin, pulp and cementum. Patients experience tooth Sensitivity due to a worn-out enamel and food debris coming into contact with the dentin. Moreover, stomach acid reaching the teeth at night causes your enamel to wear off.

Teeth become sensitive due to various reasons, including the following.

  • Worn out teeth due to teeth grinding, brushing too hard or using the wrong type of toothbrush
  • Tooth decay along the gum line
  • Exposed teeth roots
  • Chipped, damaged or broken teeth infected with bacteria 
  • Extensive plaque build-up on the surface of your teeth’s roots
  • Recent dental work such as root planning and restorations, teeth cleaning and crowns
  • Use of certain teeth whitening products
  • Gum disease which causes gum inflammation and recession

If you have any of these, cold foods and beverages, and breathing in cold air may cause discomfort.

At Dana Dental, we may offer desensitizing toothpaste to numb the teeth. These types of toothpaste help to reduce sensitivity.  They contain fluoride, which strengthens and protects your teeth against decay and cavities. In severe cases,  potassium salts and fluoride may be used to reduce sensitivity. 

Sensitive teeth are manageable, but most patients report the issue to their dentist. If you experience symptoms that suggest you have sensitive teeth, consult your dentist. He or she may perform an air blast test to reveal the condition. Moreover, using types of mouthwash that contain potassium salts and fluorides helps.

Eat what you want without fear of teeth sensitivity! Call us today and book an appointment.

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