Thumb Sucking/Snoring Appliances

Babies and small kids are prone to sucking their thumb. Although it is common, it is a bad habit, especially if it continues after your child reaches the age of three years. If left untreated, thumb sucking can disrupt the healthy formation of the dental arches. This is because the jaws of kids are soft and can quickly get misshapen, which may eventually result in an open bite.

Although breaking the thumb sucking habit is an uphill task, there’s not much that can be done for patients who snore in their sleep. Luckily, there are several anti-snoring and anti-thumb sucking appliances specifically designed to help stop and prevent these issues. 

These appliances are fitted in the jaws to help prevent snoring and thumb sucking. 

In most cases, thumb sucking is out of habit, while snoring is due to blockage of the nasal passage. Both have long term effects on the dental structure of the patient, including the following, if ignored.

  • Chewing issues
  • Poor tongue placement
  • Issues learning how to swallow foods and beverages properly
  • Overbites or open bites
  • Speech problems
  • Collapsed tonsils due to snoring
  • Heart or brain problems resulting from snoring

On the one hand, anti-thumb-sucking appliances discourage the habit by breaking the suction when a child places their thumb in the mouth, hence making the experience less pleasurable. On the other hand, anti-sucking devices help by bringing the lower jaw forward to open up airways, which makes breathing while asleep less noisy. Visit our dentists at Dana Dental for advice on the right style and type of appliance depending on your unique needs.

Are you trying to break your child’s thumb-sucking habit? Or are you trying to control snoring at night? Whatever the case, call or email us today for a consultation or to book an appointment.

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