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We at Dana Dental value your picture-perfect smile and want to help you keep it like this. Yet, sometimes, a decayed, damaged, or an ill-shaped tooth can affect your confidence, especially when smiling. Our dentists will restore the appearance and functionality of your teeth using dental crowns. Also known as a tooth cap, a crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that fully encases the affected tooth. This cost-effective restoration method helps you to continue smiling with a mouth full of healthy teeth. 

The placement of dental crowns over your teeth requires a total of two dental visits. During the first appointment, our dentists remove a part of the tooth to create room for the crown. Next, they take an impression or model of the tooth as a basis of the permanent dental cap. Then, they send the model to their laboratory partner for fabrication. During this time, our dentists will place a temporary crown to protect your tooth while waiting for the permanent one. After two weeks, the final cap will be ready for placement, and you’ll have an “instant” smile makeover. 

With modern dental technology at Dana Dental, we aim to help you protect your teeth, along with your magnificent smile from further damage. Have a dental crown procedure at our dental office in Aurora, contact us today to book an appointment.

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