If you have worn out or damaged teeth, our dentists may recommend using dental fillings to restore their function and appearance. The most common type of fillings used is dental amalgam, which consists of a mixture of metals, also referred to as metal alloy. The metal alloy is durable and cheap, making it suitable for molars and premolars. Moreover, amalgam contains very minimum levels of mercury; hence it’s permissible and not harmful to humans. Nonetheless, we do not recommend this type of fillings to pregnant or lactating women, children and those suffering from kidney diseases. 

Alternatively, our dentists may use composite or tooth coloured filling, especially for the front teeth. Unfortunately, they are not the right choice for teeth at the back of your mouth. These fillings consist of a resin material or complex chemical compounds such as monomers. Composite fillings seamlessly blend with the tooth structure to fill gaps, chips or cracks on your teeth. Hence, they are highly preferred for aesthetic purposes. Yet composite is not durable, so it’s susceptible to daily wear and tears from chewing. Moreover, they are prone to falling off compared to an amalgam filling.

Besides amalgam and composite fillings, our dentist may also use porcelain or ceramic. However, these are cost-prohibitive, which is why they are mostly used for the front teeth or teeth that are immediately visible and not molars or premolars.

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