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Teeth Cleaning/Scaling

Are your teeth in tip-top shape? Or have you noticed any tiny holes or dark spots on your teeth’s surfaces? These are cavities or dental caries, which form on areas that are permanently damaged on your teeth. These tiny holes are a result of bacteria, sipping sugary drinks, snacking, or poor dental hygiene. When the food debris, sugar, and bacteria mix, it starts to form plaque, which leads to cavity formation in the mouth. Without daily, proper oral hygiene, plaque causes tooth decay. 

Cavity treatment involves the application of fluoride on your teeth after cleaning them and clearing the tiny holes. Fluoride helps in making the enamel resistant to cavities. If the hole is too large, our dentist will use dental fillings to restore your tooth t it’s normal function and shape. In case the cavity has extended to the center of your tooth and caused an infection to the pulp, soft tissue within the center of your teeth that consists of nerve endings and blood vessels, our dentists will perform a root canal treatment using modern equipment. During the procedure, a root canal specialist will clean the infected pulp or tooth cavity and disinfects it. Then, she fills the central hollow portion of the tooth with a  thermoplastic filling material, also known as gutta-percha material. Finally, the dentist will place a permanent restoration such as a ceramic or porcelain crown to restore the functionality and appearance of your teeth.

However, our dentists may have to remove your tooth for good if the damage is irreparable.  At Dana Dental, we hope to help you maintain all your 28 teeth for life, so don’t wait for that tiny hole to get any bigger. Visit our Aurora dental office immediately and have your cavities removed and restore the health of your teeth. 

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