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3 Signs Your Mouthguards In Aurora Are A Great Fit

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Appliances

Mouthguards in Aurora are one of the best options in ensuring the safety of your teeth when engaged in physical sports. Even kids who are active in similar activities benefit greatly from using mouth protectors. The purpose of mouthguard is to shield the teeth and mouth from possible trauma injuries. 

But, with different kinds of mouthpieces available in the market, how will you know if you have the right type? 

Your mouthguards in Aurora are a good fit if:

1. They are comfortable to wear

Some patients don’t prefer using the product. One of the common reasons is the discomfort when wearing it. You can buy some mouthguards over-the-counter. These types of mouthguards have only one size, so it’s usually bulky, hard, and low quality. That’s why patients who use ready-to-wear mouth guards find it hard to breathe or speak. 

If that’s the case, it isn’t your right fit. 

Make sure you wear mouth guards that do not obstruct your breathing or speaking. Some products can be custom-made according to your mouth’s size and shape. You may opt to use boil-and-bite mouth guards or the ones at your dentist in Aurora. 

2. They don’t come off easily

The right mouth protectors for you should suit snugly around your teeth –not too loose and not too tight. It shouldn’t be too tight, or it can cause discomfort, and it shouldn’t be too loose, or it easily comes off when you move your mouth or open it. 

Make sure that your mouth guards stay in place and won’t drop, especially when you’re in the middle of playing sports. This can be risky for your teeth and mouth as the action gets more intense. You may acquire secure mouthguards from your dentist as they are custom-made according to your mouth’s specific fit. 

3. They provide sufficient and correct coverage 

Ready-to-wear mouth protectors mostly have one size. If they are smaller than your teeth structure, it could leave parts of your teeth vulnerable. However, if they’re bigger for your teeth, it’s also uncomfortable to wear. 

Get your product from your trusted dentist to ensure that your teeth get enough and proper coverage from your mouth guard. You can guarantee that they are more appropriate for you and can bring you comfort and security. 

At Dana Dental, we prioritize your oral health more than anything else. Talk with your dental professionals to ensure the protection of your smiles. 

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