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Most people assume that dental care should start once teeth develop. Yet, according to the Canadian Dental Association, infants also need regular dental visits. The first set of teeth (milk teeth) are especially sensitive and need proper care and regular dental checkups to protect them from early on. Also, ensuring your child eats nutrients, such as fluoride, during their formative years is essential.

Pediatric dentists offer dental care to children and educate them on proper oral hygiene. They are compassionate and skilled in handling kids with short attention spans or those with a  fear of dentists. Pediatric dental checkups are provided in most schools. Yet we recommend visiting the nearest dental office in Aurora as well.

The simplest way to take proper dental care of a child’s teeth is by instilling healthy habits that will last a lifetime. For a start, you can teach them to brush all corners of their mouth from different angles at least twice a day. We recommend simple preventive dental procedures for your children, such as dental sealants and fluoride treatments, to strengthen their teeth.

Here at Dana Dental, pediatricians or pediatric dentists are dedicated to the oral health of your children from infancy to adolescence. As a result, along with your child’s dental checkup, we may also provide professional cleaning and flossing whenever necessary. 

Let’s discuss the oral health of your child! Contact us today to learn more about or book an appointment.

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