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10 Reasons Why Your Kids Need Pediatric Dentistry

by | Aug 7, 2020 | Dental Veneers, General Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is a practice that focuses on children’s dental health diagnoses, management, and treatment. Although this branch of dentistry exists long before, not many understand its importance. The result is a high case of dental caries in children as young as a year old. This is why parents have always been encouraged to expose their children with dentistry at an early age. This will motivate the young ones to involve themselves in doing proper and consistent oral hygiene.

Aside from that, here are more reasons why you should bring your child to a pediatric dentist.


Reasons why pediatric dentistry is necessary:


1. Pediatric dentists are different from family dentists

Many parents find having a family dentist more practical. That’s because family dentists practice general dentistry that applies to all ages. So, instead of having different appointments from different places, it’s pragmatic to bring the entire family to one dentist or dental office. However, children need a unique and different approach from adults. Although family dentists are dental experts, they may not possess the additional set of skills kids’ dentists have. Pediatric dentists go through further training to make them more suitable in handling younger patients.

2. Kid-expert professionals

On top of their complete degree and training in dental school, kids’ dentists have an additional course to complete. This course lets them immerse themselves and work with children to get to know the young ones more first-hand. As their training ends, they become kids experts, which parents should consider for their children.

3. Speaks your kids’ language

Every child is different, and they express themselves in ways that only a few can understand, not even their parents. As they grow up, their body slowly develops, and their minds gradually cope with their environment. With a pediatric dentist’s knowledge of special care for children, it becomes easy for them to decipher your kids needs. They can reciprocate this language and simply build rapport right away.

4. Offers more kid-focused dental services, kid-friendly facility

When you go to a pediatric dentist’s office, you’ll know why kids love it there. As soon as you step into the premises, you’ll find colourful objects, toys, and areas where kids can play and learn interesting dental-related topics. The staff and dentists will also get in the way of becoming extra friendly to explaining what each dental tools are for in kid’s language.

Aside from that, they offer more services that are usually necessary for kids. This includes dental sealants, fluoride treatments, oral exams, sedation dentistry, and sports mouthguards.

5. Exposes them early on

Ideally, a dentist’s visit should be as early as six months after a baby’s birth. Even without teeth, the mouth can accumulate bacteria from the milk the baby consumes. Parents must get the proper guidance on how to care for their infant’s oral health. The baby also receives early exposure to dentistry and learns how important it is for their entire well-being. This minimizes the number of patients who grow up with dental anxiety.

6. Passion, empathy, and compassion

It takes an innate interest in someone to want to work with kids. As kids can be over-enthusiastic, the people around them should have the time and patience to understand why they act in such a way. For most kids dentists, caring for children are their passion. Make sure your kids are cared for by people who have the best intentions for them.

7. Quality care like no other

To choose this kind of profession, pediatric dentists make sure that every young patient receives quality care like no other. They will show your kids compassion by explaining to them in simple terms how the treatment works and why they need it. Your kid’s dentist will also make sure that your kids are relaxed while in the dentist’s chair to succeed with the procedure.

8. Management of thumb-sucking or nail-biting habits

In addition to kid-focused dentistry services, kids’ dentists offer management of oral habits such as thumb-sucking and jaw clenching. Most children form these kinds of practices as part of their development; however, it leads to many problems. This includes malocclusion issues that require orthodontic treatment. The dentist may have a session with the kids and their parents so the adults could also guide their kids while at home.

9. Sedation dentistry

Dental anxiety is prevalent in children. It’s inevitable as even adults have this kind of fear. That’s why you need your child to see a pediatric dentist instead, especially if they’re not comfortable with the visit. Kids’ dentists offer sedation dentistry, which uses medications that help kids relax and calm down before and during dental procedures. It is easy and safe to administer.

10. Prizes and giveaways!

Yes! You read that right. Pediatric dental offices give away treats to their young patients, which other practices might not have. This includes but is not limited to candies, chocolates, and even free oral hygiene kits. This is a type of positive reinforcement to uplift and encourage your little ones about their dental visits.

To make sure that you bring your children to a practice that will take care of them, call up the Aurora dentist. You may schedule an appointment or a site pre-visit to experience the friendly environment first-hand.

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